FRP/GRP Vessels and FRP Tanks Manufacturer IN ANKLESHWAR

BE&C FRP/GRP Vessels and FRP Tanks Manufacturer IN ANKLESHWAR
BE&C FRP/GRP Vessels and FRP Tanks Manufacturer

BE&C is the manufacturers and suppliers of quality FRP tanks and FRP vessels in India. Our range of products is fit for various applications in chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, pesticides, agro, textile and fine chemical and also including commercial and industrial water and sewage treatment systems. Composed of filament wound material, these products are robust, heavy-duty, durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and very easy to install on site. They do not wear out when exposed to harsh chemicals and natural elements.

BE&C FRP Vessel Manufacturer

we design and fabricate based on their resistant moulded structures and the support of a strong tripod or skirt base, our vessel are great load bearer. So, should your main plant or water treatment plant be in need of FRP vessels and tanks of high grade look no further than BE&C. We have a strong team of skilled professionals who are well versed with the line of work. Together, we provide unconventional solutions, utilitarian products and services for your chemical plant or water treatment plant.

Types of FRP Vessels and Tanks BE&C Manufacture:
FRP Vessels
FRP Composite Vessel
FRP Vertical Tanks
FRP Horizontal Vessel
FRP Pressure Tanks
FRP Storage Tanks
FRP Horizontal Tanks

Salient Features of Our Products

Outer shell of filament wound material.
High-performance FRP vessels.
Absolutely corrosion-resistant.
Lightweight and easy to install.
Sight glass enabled to monitor operation.
High durability and flawless finish.

The material is inherently resistant to corrosion that is likely to occur due to liquid exposure. And then, it can also withstand strong tensile and hydrostatic forces.

Pressure Tolerance Without Structural Damage
Inherent Corrosion Resistance
High Mechanical Strength
Great Abrasion Resistance
Sustainable Performance
Heat Insulation Property & Lightweight
Leak-proof & Versatile
Flexible & Low Cost

We at BE&C are the FRP vessel manufacturer of vertical, horizontal, and composite types. You can have them at affordable rates.

How Do BE&C manufactured FRP Vessels and Tanks Help in Water Treatment

FRP – the material is immune to most liquids, including water and harsh chemicals. For this reason, treatment vessels and storage tanks manufactured from it are ideal for practical use in relevant liquid treatment plants. They can tolerate high levels of pressures without any damage done to their overall structure. They are leak-proof, thus making the flow of liquid easy. Because of their flexibility, you can mould them in any size – big and small and in any orientation – vertical or horizontal. They are so designed that they can withstand the load of a ladder installed to access the roof for loading. The bottom is designed so that draining the liquid is easy. The liquids can be monitored by a pressure gauge. At BE&C, you can also have them customized as per your requirements and use them for other purposes in Steel, Battery, Paper, Chemical, and Textile Industries.

Why Choose BE&C

The reasons that make us different than other FRP vessel & FRP tank manufacturer. BE&C FRP/GRP Vessels and FRP Tanks Manufacturer IN ANKLESHWAR

Our product range is wide and meets the vital requirements of every water treatment plant.
We put customer satisfaction before everything else.
A diligent team of technical professionals are our part; they tend to your technological needs regarding water treatment components.
At BE&C, FRP is a material of choice for the construction of water treatment vessels and tanks.
The products are available at competitive prices.


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