BE&C CONTRACTORS PVT. LTD. have worked with a variety of process industries over the last decades and experienced the solution and engineering behind the complex and challenging assignment. For a world-class design, engineering and manufacturing it takes the platform of a whole set of modern machinery, expertise, tools and tackles and infrastructures. We have learned a lot and evolved as a pioneering entity by implementing a greater amount of innovation in our production capabilities. Besides, the ambitious efforts of our team members make us accountable to deliver excellence that is being reviewed multiple times during the in-house and external testing phases. we not only offer the platform for accurate and efficient engineering solutions for your dream project but undertake the full responsibility of building it at your door. We have developed an infrastructure for shop and site works. We have 20000sq.ft area with three bays which are equipped with 20tonne crane and 10tonne crane having all the machinery for fabrication landing to a capacity of 60-100 tonnes capacity per month. FRP/GRP Vessels and FRP Tanks Manufacturer IN AMBERNATH/ TALOJA

Shop and Site Storage Tanks

1. Fabrication Capacity up to 5000kl x 20metre height x 10metre diameter.
2. Available In-house Design, Drafting, Quality inspection team. 
3. Horizontal chemical tank with flat end or dish end design
4. Space-saving design in vertical tanks with Top and Bottom dish end type Or Flat bottom and the top conical design
5. Monkey ladder and safety cage on the outer side and optional ladder inside for safe man movement
6. External rafter channel is welded on the top conical portion of the tank to strengthen it.
7. Available in Carbon Steel as well Stainless steel

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