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Construction and Commissioning is a mission-critical stage for any engineering project. This demands technical excellence as well as operational expertise. BE&C leverages its experience and acumen to offer comprehensive tactical and practical inputs to make this a success.

We combine core engineering and project management expertise along with strong domain specific knowledge to offer customised solutions that create best in class infrastructure for a wide spectrum of industrial space

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    Planning/ Scheduling
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    Skilled/Unskilled Services
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    Safety Control
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    Material Management
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    Subcontractor Management
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    Project Handover
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    Efficient Deployment of
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    Adherence to QA/QC
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    Testing and Commissioning


  1. Maintenance of all type of Chemical Plant Machinery E.g. Pumps, Valves, Motors, Gearbox, Blowers, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Broilers, Filters, Hydro test of Tanks, Reactor, Vessels, Condensers Pipelines
  2. General Mechanical Maintenance, Break-down Maintenance and Lubrication of Machinery &Equipment’s.
  3. Shutdown activates of Gas to Liquid plant (GTL) in Heat Exchanger & Fin Fan Cooler.
  4. Total Fabrication work of waste water plant.
  5. Maintenance of Plant, Supercritical Co2 Systems, Maintenance of Pumps, Blowers, Air Compressor.
  6. Overhauling of Centrifugal, Rotary & Reciprocal Pumps, Motors Gearboxes, Air Compressor, and Valves.
  7. Repairing of Filters in HMN Plant, HCL and Cracker plants.
  8. Hydro testing of Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, PP/FRP Pumps, Blowers, Heat Exchanger, Pipelines, condensers, Re-boilers


The company is fully equipped with all the required infrastructure with excellent technical expertise for executing challenging construction and maintenance projects.

Plant maintenance shutdowns and turnarounds are the most expensive of all types of maintenance. Shutdowns have a profound ability to affect the plant’s financial future in either a positive or negative way. A shutdown that is poorly planned, exceeds its deadline, or goes past its budget can negatively impact the plant’s bottom line. A plant turnaround that is well planned and executed can positively affect the plant and have it running within capacity for years. Because of their high impact to plant production, as well as the high cost of parts and Equipments, Plant shutdowns require a dedicated shutdown team. Our specialized team follows a strict process 5 Phases of Shutdown Maintenance.

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

The company can offer the services to various industries like chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paints, fertilizer, sugar, pesticides, insecticides


Plant Shutdown Costs

It is estimated that shutting down a plant for a few weeks can cost the plant’s entire maintenance budget for a year. However, the costs for not undergoing a planned shutdown can be even far higher. This includes any or all of the following:

  1. Cost of repair or replacement of a faulty piece of equipment that fails unexpectedly
  2. Cost to repair or replace equipment damaged when another fails
  3. Cost to clean or replace the plant or equipment should toxic chemicals be spilled
  4. Cost of fines or penalties should any operational or environmental regulations be violated
  5. Cost of an explosion or other hazardous accident in the plant
  6. Cost of any injury to workers as a result of equipment failure

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Plant Engineering & construction is our core competency. We understand our customer as well as their project requirements in terms of planning, sequencing, interdependency of various activities and engineering value addition. Timely delivery, safe working and fine quality output is our prime objective. Latest techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and resources, gives us an edge over the others in delivery of any challenging industrial construction projects in India. To know more on our Construction Division