We have worked with a variety of process industries over last decades, and experienced the solution and engineering behined complex and challenging assignment. For a worldclass design, engineering and manufacturing it takes platform of whole set of modern machineries, expertise, tools and tackles and infrastructures. We have learned a lot and evolved as a pioneering entity by implementing greater amount of innovation in our production capabilitiese. Besides, the ambitious efforts of our team members make us accountable to deliver excellence that is being reviewed multiple times during the in-house and external testing phases. we not only offer the plaform for accurate and effecient engineering solution for your dream project but undertakes the full responsibility of building it at your door. We have developed an infrasturcture for shop and site works.

We have 20000sq.ft area with three bays which are equipped with 20tonne crane and 10tonne crane having all the machineries for fabrication landing to a capacity of 60-100 tonne capacity per month.

We manufacture Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Reactor, Distillation column, storage tanks, reboiler, seperators, mixer, twin pot and shaft mixers etc.

Benefits and Salient FEATURES with our manufacturing

Inhouse Design, Drafting, Quality inspection team.

Qualified ARC welders and Argon welders.

Hydrostatic test pressure upto 40 bar.

Vacuum test – We offer vacuum test.

Running trial – for vessel with agitator for minimum 12 Hr. under full load.

All the high & medium speed stirrers are dynamically balanced.

Trial of high speed & low speed stirrer done on specially made platform for Air Running to measure run-out easily and thereafter the stirrers are mounted on the vessel.

Periodically tests of all the welders for their X-ray quality welding qualification from third party inspection agency.

We can get anti-corrosive lining done from reputed vendors and inspect it for quality work, especially for the equipment manufactured by us, as we are well aware about the surface finishing required for lining.