Pressure Vessel

  1. Fabrication Capacity upto 100kl x 10metre height x 4metre diameter.
  2. Available Inhouse Design, Drafting, Quality inspection team.
  3. Offering in all MOC mainly Stainless Steel 316, 304 or Carbon Steel material.
  4. Spirals welded on outer surface of the main vessel for uniform circulation of heating or cooling media like steam, oil, water etc. And also provides extra strength to the main vessel.
  5. Adheres to ASME and other standards with special attention to Argon and Arc welding procedures.
  6. Save Energy using two part Jacket design for smaller batch.
  7. GMP range of equipments available for Pharmaceutical industry. With mirror finish from 220 grit to 440 grit, smooth welding, flush grinding and Insulation with mirror finished S.S cladding.
  8. Full assistance in Erection, commissioning, installation, testing