This impeller gives a huge power savings as most of the power is converted into flow bearing axial velocity vectors. This is used for various flow-based application having viscosity less than 4000 cPs. Has shown huge power savings, lowered batch times & improved process results.

High Viscosity Hydrofoil impeller

High Viscosity Hydrofoil impeller: developed for applications having viscosity up to 160000 cPs. Gives much better flow in high viscosity. Also used for a mix of shear and flow type application. Pressure type flow pattern.


Gas-Liquid-Solid : Used for better gas hold up, dispersion and uniform solid suspension. At same power as that of primitive impellers 15% more mass transfer/yield. This hydrofoil can be used as down as well as up-pumping.

Shear-Gas-Used for gas-liquid

Shear-Gas-Used for gas-liquid: application where shear is not detrimental to process. It’s a reformed version of Rushton, for lower power gives the same performance.

Pitched Blade Turbine well

Pitched Blade Turbine well As low viscosity application. Has both axial as well as radial velocity vectors. Helps in application where flow and shear are required. Largely replaced by hydrofoil because of power efficiency.

Cowl’s Disc-Saw Tooth

Cowl’s Disc-Saw Tooth: Used for high shear applications. Breaking of solids inside liquid mass. Dispersion applications. Mostly designed as a direct driven (motor speed) with high tip speeds for cutting action.


ANCHOR: This impeller is generally used for very high viscosity applications. Also it used for applications where material sticks to the wall of vessel and heat transfer on jacket on outside the tank is hampered. Spiral helix performs better than Anchor.

Double Twist

Double Twist: Specially designed impeller for bottom entry agitators. Widely used in brewery plants. It generates multiple direction flow which ensures no settling at the bottom


SPIRAL HELIX: Single flight & double flight impellers with screw arrangement. Used for crystallization process where material is either high viscous or solid formed due to condensation crystallization stick to the walls/cooling surface of vessel


Shear-Gas-Liquid: Used for gas liquid application where shear is not detrimental to process. It has ellipsoidal design. For lower power it gives the better performance.

Rushton Primitive impeller

Rushton Primitive impeller: used for shear applications. Also used in gas- liquid applications where shear is not detrimental to process.